Umut Yunus Yeşildal

I am a Software Developer focused on drifting with the wind of newly developed tech.

Jack of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.

Expertise, what I worked on before.

I have worked on bunch of projects and technologies but these are the topics i am most skilled at.

  • Mobile Development

    Worked on mobile development with Flutter framework and dart programming language.
  • Front-End Development

    Created beautiful UI for both mobile and web, mostly used React framework along with HTML-CSS.
  • Smart Contract Newbie

    Even though this is an expertise page, i am passionate about the blockchain and smart contracts. Hopefully i will be deleting the Newbie tag from the title soon.

Work, my previous projects.

Here are the projects that i have worked on before.

Danceflavors Mobile App

Worked on Danceflavors app for a year, created frontend for the app, took a part in designing and implementing the architecture of the backend. Mainly used Flutter and Dart programming language, Hive and SQFLite for database, BLoC for state management.

DanceFlavors App

Metavest Website

Worked on website, created bunch of pages and components with the care of responsive design. Mainly used Reactjs and Nextjs along with CSS and HTML, used Strapi for CMS and localization.

Metavest App

DaiDay Mobile App

Created my first solo Mobile app and published it on Google Play Store, even though it is not perfect i am proud of my work and that i learned it all by myself during University. Mainly used Flutter and Dart programming language, Hive and SQFLite for database, BLoC for state management.

DanceFlavors App

Mercedes Assist App

During joint lecture between TAU and Mercedes Turkey, I had the chance to meet with executives and find a solution to a problem Mercedes is having. Assistify is focused on solving Mercedes car users problems via Mobile App.

Sharify Mobile App

Sharify is focused on preventing the product and food waste by connecting people in need. Just join and create a card describing the item or food you are willing to give away or check out cards to find anything you need!

Experience, where I worked before

What i have done before, where I worked before and which position i was before

Learned the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. Taken various seminars from İTÜ Çekirdek Mentors and found the opportunity to do meetings with these Mentors. Worked at a time management project called "Crillo" and earned 10.000$ worth of credit from İTÜ Çekirdek.

I learned the fundamental parts of the backend web programming using Node.js, Express.js, Gatsby.js. I created a Documentation page of the product using Gatsby.js.I learned the fundamentals of Testing. I learned and used Whitebox Testing, Blackbox Testing, Monkey Testing, Unit Testing and used them when testing the project. I helped the team in the creation of Facilera Tasks App by flutter development, bug fixing and testing.Learned the real life usage of Agile Methodology and SCRUM.

Worked at some projects called “DanceFlavors”,”Signalficant”, ”Nimag” at Platri GmbH. Working with BLoC, state management and Null Safety since the start of the project. Using the package system and creating my own packages in order to have cleaner code and making the packages continually usable for other projects. Using multiple local databases for different needs so that each database has their own usage. For Key-Value Pair i used Hive and for SQL database i used SQFLite.

Currently working at Metavest as a software developer, mostly focused on creating front-end pages using react and javascript and creating micro-packages for various purposes with python and javascript.

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Whether you have a question or simply want to say hello, I will do my best to respond to you asap.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. - Wayne Gretzky" by Michael Scott